At Tim Bizelli Counseling LLC we try to make teenagers feel safe in a variety of ways. We use normalization activities to build rapport and we implement CBT with our teens I have had great retention with teens and this counseling service provides as a safe haven and an environment of healing for our teens. Developing social skills, communication skills, emotional regulation, self-esteem issues, and learning healthy coping skills are common areas I have and continue to work with teens on.

Clinical Areas of Expertise.

Anger Management

Mood Disorders




· Addiction

· Asperger's Syndrome

· Bipolar Disorder

· Codependency

· Depression

· Divorce

· Domestic Violence

· Dual Diagnosis

· Emotional Disturbance

· Grief

· Relationship Issues

· Self-Harming

· Stress

· Suicidal Ideation

· Parenting Issues

Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 8:00pm
Same-day appointments may be available

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About us

Tim Bizelli has an Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies from Urshan College, a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Missouri Baptist University, and a Master of Science in Counselor Education from Missouri Baptist University. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri for 13 years and has met the requirement and is recognized as a Missouri State approved Counseling Supervisor. Tim has served professionally in community, mental health, and rehabilitation agencies since 2002. Tim has a strong passion to help facilitate change in the lives of individuals through strong counseling theory that is bible based.

Tim has completed over of 200 hours of post graduate CEU’s that focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anger/Aggression Management, Dual Diagnosis, Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention .

Tim Bizelli Counseling LLC services are also featured in Psychology Today.

Since 2005 Tim Bizelli has conducted an estimated 10,600 counseling sessions and well over 6,500 group counseling sessions in the area of mental health over the years. Tim is the owner and executive clinical director of Tim Bizelli Counseling LLC. 

Approach: My treatment approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength Based therapy, Family Systems, and Christian Counseling.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective combination of talk therapy and behavioral therapy. CBT is a type of psychotherapy in which patients reframe negative thinking patterns into positive thoughts. Transforming one’s thoughts will ultimately result in positive actions and behaviors in difficult moments. CBT can be useful to individuals suffering from eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.[1] During CBT, patients have the opportunity to work with a therapist to find the source of negative thinking and transform those thoughts into a positive, growth mindset. The ultimate goal of CBT is to replace negative thoughts and actions with productive behaviors that make the individual feel equipped to overcome any difficult moment.

Individuals will recognize how their thinking influences their emotions and will establish personalized coping mechanisms. Working with a therapist to find effective and personalized coping mechanisms will ultimately help individuals identify and manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in real-world situations. (According to Psychology Today)

What is Strength Based Therapy?

Strength-based therapy is a type of positive psychotherapy and counseling that focuses more on your internal strengths and resourcefulness, and less on weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings. This focus sets up a positive mindset that helps you build on you best qualities, find your strengths, improve resilience and change worldview to one that is more positive. A positive attitude, in turn, can help your expectations of yourself and others become more reasonable. ( According to Psychology Today )

What is Family Systems Therapy?

Family systems therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps individuals resolve their problems in the context of their family units, where many issues are likely to begin. Each family member works together with the others to better understand their group dynamic and how their individual actions affect each other and the family unit as a whole. One of the most important premises of family systems therapy is that what happens to one member of a family happens to everyone in the family. (According to Psychology Today)

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling is a therapy focus area centering on intertwining the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide an approach to mental and emotional health that pulls from biblical teachings. Practitioners of this style of counseling incorporate religious scripture and teachings to guide you through challenging life issues. When facing turbulent life events, integrating and strengthening your faith may be the missing piece in finding proper treatment. A Christian counselor can help you to navigate life’s challenges in ways that respect your faith. (According to Therapy Tribe)