About Products:

Tim Bizelli believes in the importance of educating community supports on emotional, interpersonal relational, and psychological stressors that need close attention. On this online store you will find relevant and current Christian Faith based audio/videos on topics such as forgiveness, anger/aggression, suicide, divorce recovery, battle of the mind, stress management/self-care and other related mental health topics. It is Tim Bizelli’s desire to have detailed outlines with each audio presentation to strengthen, educate, and even enable other community supports to teach this in a variety of settings including but not limited to church congregation, small group settings, and seminar style presentations. The goal of this online store is to give Pastors, ACTs Instructors, Celebrate Recovery Leaders, teachers, case workers, counselors, chaplains, and social workers up to date information that can literally be taught from these detailed outlines. This resource can also be used to give directly to people in need of healing and to further strengthen ones expertise on these needed mental health topics. These topics work great for independent informal CEU hours and can even be used as formal CEU hours(depending on licensure board standards) as options to purchase video presentations are available.

Tim Bizelli is a Pastor and a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in mental health.